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Makeup to complement your features. Not draw new ones on

Updated: Apr 3

I thought very long and hard about what I could offer my readers from my years of experience and it took me some time to realise that my clients already answered that question for me.

Through my bridal work, I came to realise that there is a whole group of women out there who are not following the extreme and at time ridiculous Social Media makeup trends. They often wear little, to no makeup at all, are the hard-working, busy mums, partners, business owners who maybe like the idea of makeup and the way it can enhance your features but may not know where to start.

Please don’t think I’m saying you have to wear makeup to feel confident, that's not even close. I feel perfectly fine wearing no makeup at all when I am out and about. Sorry that you have to look at my blotchy skin and mummy eye bags but hey, that's real life. I just might not feel so great with my naked face, if Im going to a friend’s wedding, a work party, or even a business meeting.

Not everyone wants to look like they have lots of makeup on, but everyone does care about their appearance and wants to feel good about themselves. Let me stress that you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to make a difference, a little makeup in the right places can give you a boot to your self-esteem, when we look good we feel better. It can lift your mood so you are ready for the day ahead.

Being a working mum with two young boys myself and seeing those dark circles under my eyes every morning doesn’t bolster my mood for the busy day ahead.

But, pop on some corrector and concealer and bam! I just painted on a good night sleep! I instantly feel more like myself, and that's half the battle for allot of us.

My favourite part doing a clients makeup is the change you see in them when they look in the mirror. They sit a little higher, smile a little bigger and occasionally I get my favourite compliment of all - a big hug. I work in a feel-good industry, and I want each of my clients to feel amazing when they leave my chair.

Of course, we don’t need makeup, but getting your hair done in the salon, putting on your favourite outfit, or those sexy heels all help to make us feel good. We feel a little bit special because we are doing something special for us. Nothing wrong with that at all.

If you are confident applying makeup and love bold glamour looks, then this blog might not offer you much. This space is for the rest of us, the everyday busy lady, who just wants to look nice.

So, follow me in this journey into the basics of makeup, try new things, be brave and if it all goes wrong, remember It washes off.

With love,

from Kate x

Author: Kate Murphy

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist


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