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Services & Pricing

"From my trial to the big day, Kate was just superb. She has such a calm nature and nothing was too much trouble." Georgina. L 


Makeup​ (70mins )  /  120 

Liquid or cream foundation will be used for your skin base. Powder or cream products will be used for your blush and contour or highlight depending on the look you are wanting. Your choice of Individual or Strip false lashes. 

A Lipstick retouch kit is included for all bookings.

Flower girls under 12  P.O.A

Groom or Groomsmen (35-45mins)  / 80

High definition makeup used in the TV and film industries to be undetectable. Application to colour correct dark circlesconceal blemishes, even out skin tone, remove redness as well as neaten eyebrows and facial hair. If you would like a glamour look or character makeup this will be booked in as a regular makeup application.


Halloween or Character Makeups (90-120mins)   / 150 

Your choice of Character Makeup, Drag or SFX /gore makeup. Specialised prosthetics, hair or teeth can be added to your look for an additional cost. Please let me know your specific needs in the inquiry form and I can quote you from there. 



Air Brush Makeup p.p  / 20 

Foundation, highlight, contouring  and blusher are applied through an airbrush gun and compressor.  I use a Silicone based formula, which is hypoallergenic, sweat, smudge and tear proof. It is highly suited to brides who don't like the feel of much foundation on their skin.


Makeup Trial  (90-120 mins)  / 140 

 Trials begin with a skin consultation as well as discussing your likes and dislikes as we go through your reface images (if you have some) We make a plan together for a wedding look and begin with skin prep then makeup application. I show you as I apply each step so changes can made throughout the application process. Its really important to be honest in your feedback, it really is a team effort, so I can make sure you are happy with the overall look and feel beautiful.

From the trial we have a plan for your wedding day but it is a flexible one and you can still make changes where needed, I send through a feedback form after the trial with some questions to help. 

Light refreshments are provided during your trial please let Kate know if you have any Dietary requirements in the contact form. 

Do I have to have a trail? 

Not at all, its your wedding you don't have to do anything you don't want to. However it's more how you feel about wearing makeup, if you have any skin concerns, don't know where to start, like something but don't know if it will suit you, or are not much of a makeup wearer or want to match colours to your theme, they are a good idea.  

It allows us to meet before the day, so I get to know your specific likes and dislikes and we are not under the same time constraints as the wedding day as it is a 90 - 120min session. Meaning there is no pressure on you, you can ask to try a few different things and see what makes you feel your best.  


Around 80% of my clients who choose to have a trial do make changes to the look for the wedding day. These can be small ones like a lip colour or ask for a totally new look because they had time to think it over and wanted try something different. I'm happy if you are happy. Trials are an optional extra and you don't have to have a trial to book your wedding with me.

Trials are held at my home studio in Hill End, 3825 just up from Blue Rock Lake.

Call outs are available and travel charges do apply.



Pixie (35 mins)  /  80


Short (above shoulders)  (40 - 60mins)`  /  100

Medium (70 - 90mins )  /  120

Long (below bra strap ) or Thick Hair (90 - 120mins)   /  140


Groom/ Groomsmen Hairstyling  (35-45mins)  /  80

Flower girls under 12  P.O.A


Hair Trial  (90-120 mins)  /  140

Trials begin with discussing your likes and dislikes, assessing you hair type and if extensions or padding will be need to achive your chosen style.  We will then go through your reference images if you have some, to help plan out your wedding look.  

From the trial we have a plan for your wedding day but it is a flexible one and you can still make changes where needed or even return for a second trial if you want to try a different style. 


Trials are an optional extra, you don't have to have a trial to book your wedding with me.

Light refreshments are provided during your trial please let Kate know if you have any Dietary requirements in the contact form. 

Hair Padding /  15

Used to enlarge a bun or updo when you need a little more volume. Excellent for thin, fine hair or shorter hair. 

Needing Extensions Clipped in and Styled? /  25  p.p 

Requires and additional (30mins) to your style time to clip in and style your own extensions. 

Travel charges do apply for all call outs, please see our terms and conditions for details. 

Photo example of a Tattoo cover up with Makeup. Before and after images
Covered up Tattoo using Makeup. Slight texture still visable due to raised tattoo



Prices start from / 60  

for a small tattoo


A little about the way I cover them:

I use a prosthetic paint and as the name suggests it is used to colour prosthetic pieces we use in SFX makeup applications. It wears extremely well, will not transfer or smudge. The colour of your tattoo will be hidden, even dark ones, but if your tattoo has any raised areas (see the image below) this raised area will still be visible in some light.


If you require any coverups for your special day, please leave me an inquiry through the contact page.



Wedding day

150 per hour + (Travel when applicable)

(min 2 hours /max 6 hours )

After your initial services, I can stay on at your location or travel to your ceremony where I make sure your and your bridal parties hair and makeup stay perfect from your photos or all the way up to your farewells.


With the rise in outdoor ceremonies also come with the unknown risk of the elements, this service has become very popular with my brides.  Often Windy weather, extreme heat and even rain can wreak havoc on your overall look, not to mention the happy tears. I will take any worry you may have off your shoulders so nothing is left up to chance and you all look amazing from even angle. 


*Available day or night for hair and makeup touchups

*Refresh makeup Before and After the ceremony

*On location during photo’s, keeping an eye on your bridal party to ensure everyone looks their best. Fixing hair positioning and veil for photos. 

*Final touch up for everyone before the reception

Travel charges may apply to retouch bookings if multiple locations are required during the service booking. Please see our terms and conditions for details. 

Kate is standing hind a bride putting her white veil undernath her elegant blonde bun
Kate is applying makeuop to a brides face. The bride has a beautiful and eleangt blonde updo with fowers
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