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Music Videos, Photo shoots & Album Art

The Amity Affliction album cover. man in white Tshirt stangin with his bakc to us looking down off a cliff looking into the blalc sea. hooded dark figures looking bakc form the rough water

The Making Of - The Amity Affliction 'Let The Ocean Take Me'

& Album Cover Art work


Filmed and edited by - Neal Walters

Photography - James Hartely 

Art Direction - Pat Fox @Apollocollective 

Hair and Makeup artist Gippsland  - Kate Murphy


woman under water in long white dress, tonned in dark green water arms outstretched facing us
man submerged in water fully clothed weating white Tshirt, jeans and converse sneakers
ecca-vandal-father-hussla video.png
band picture of Bodyjar in costume makeup

Band - BodyJar   

Photographer- Kane Hibberd   

Makeup & SFX - Kate Murphy    

Styling - Nadine Muller

Gatherer Album Cover Artwork: Heavy Hail 

Today Paint - Kate Murphy 

Art Work - Pax Fox 

Cover Art Gatherer's new record Heavy Hail. 

Art Director Pat Fox

Photographer Ben Clement 

Makeup Artist  Kate Murphy 

Model Dianna




Album Cover Shoot - The Amity Affliction 


House vs Hurricane: Album cover shoot

Pat Fox: Photography and Artwork

Kate Murphy: Body Paint and Bald cap application


Band - Buried in Verona

Photographer- Kane Hibberd   

Makeup & SFX - Kate Murphy    


Album Cover Art - Pat Fox

Photographer- Kane Hibberd   

Makeup & SFX - Kate Murphy    


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